Steph Curry Crying (?!) After Costly Turnover & Loss To The Nuggets

Is he about to cry? This isn’t the NBA Finals! Where’s Tom Hanks to tell him there’s no crying in basketball!  Actually there is crying and it’s acceptable…but getting teary eyed after after a mid-season loss to the Denver Nuggets? The Warriors still have a 36-3 record, which is the exact same record the 95 Chicago Bulls had after 39 games.

I guess the reason why Clutch Curry is choking up a little is because after scoring 20 of his 38 points in the 4th quarter, he “choked” by turning the ball over with 10 seconds left in the game. The turnover turned into a 2 free throws, a 4-point lead and eventually a 2-point win for the Nuggets.

“It was a great opportunity to try to tie the game or take the lead,” Curry said about his final turnover. “Got stuck between looking for the open man and handling the ball, and one little mishandle and Gallinari got it.”

Oh well, get over it. You just had your 6th 20 point quarter of the season, the team is still on pace to make history and your face is on every other magazine or ad I see.