Steph Curry dominates the Top 15 Assists of the Year (14/15), LeBron Gets Snubbed

Check out the top 10 assists of the NBA season.

  1. Steph Curry to David Lee
  2. Manu with the behind the back pass
  3. DRose hangs in the air then makes the bullet pass to Noah
  4. Curry again with the baseline fake
  5. LeBron no-look to Irving
  6. Marc Gasol to Tony Allen
  7. Curry behind the back to Barnes
  8. Manu behind the head to Green
  9. Lance Stephenson with the pass and dance
  10. Rubio to Bennett

Here’s 5 more great dimes that didn’t make the NBA’s list including one assist by LeBron that should be in the top 3.