Steph Curry & Draymond Green Lose It After Varejao Dunks on JaVale McGee

Even in practice, with his new teammates, JaVale McGee gets no respectl!

I'm kidding and despite how KD, Steph, Draymond and other members of the Warriors acted after seeing JaVale get "dunked on" by Varejao in practice, they have been full of compliments about the Shaqtin' a Fool legend in recent weeks. On Sunday, Andre Iguodala had the following to say about JaVale to ESPN's Ethan Sherwood Strauss: "Talk to some different people, GMs, front office people. He's so much better than a lot of these guys who got paid this past year. Like, so much better."

And here's what KD had to say about what JaVale brings to the Warriors.

Here's some highlights from JaVale's 5 points and 3 blocks debut with the Warriors.