Steph Curry Embarrasses James Jones Twice In The 4th, Cavs Fan Doesn’t Appreciate It

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James Jones Steph Curry

“Tonight we came in with the mentality that we had to win this game,” said Curry after scoring 22 in a GM4 win.

Curry started slow but once again looked unstoppable in the final quarter as he hit one difficult shot after another including a deep dagger. He also had a few highlight in the 4th and James Jones got to be in two of them. The fist came when Curry ran straight at Jones, hit him with a mini-cross and then blew past him as Jones tried to grab him from behind.

2 minutes later, Curry hit James with a step-back 3.

The play had most Cavs fans putting their heads down with the exception of this pissed off fan who gave Curry the finger.


Atleast he got some love from his daughter and father.