Steph Curry Fakes Out Calderon & Cameraman On His Way To 34 Points in 28 Minutes

Once again, Steph Curry got to sit out the 4th quarter after dominating the Knicks for 3 quarters: 34 points on 12 of 20 shooting and 8 of 13 from downtown.

The 121-85 win for the Warriors was the 4th in a row over the Knicks and 32nd win in a row at home this season.

“It’s unbelievable, the way that they play, the lineups that they mess around with out there,” Carmelo Anthony said. “Their record, 61-6, we’re witnessing, kind of, history here. It’s hard to give them a pat on the back when you just got your (tail) whipped.”


It’s tough to choose a best highlight from Curry and if you asked 10 people, you would probably get 10 answers, but my pick is this fake on Jose Calderon and the cameraman.

I would expect most people to choose this bank shot as their favorite.