Steph Curry & Father Dell Starring In Some Adorable 90's Burger King Commercials

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And you thought little Riley Curry was adorable. Check out her Dad, Steph Curry, starring in a couple 90's Burger King commercial with his Dad, Dell Curry.

The forgotten ads, which starts off with Dell asking Steph what he wants to be when he grows up, were shown during the CSN Bay Area broadcast of the Warriors game against the Hornets on Monday.

If you are old enough to remember eating at Burger King in the 90s, then you might remember how awesome it was when they had their annual 99 cent Whopper specials. Or only paying $3 for a meal. You might also remember getting pissed when you got the 92 Bulls toys and realized they didn't have Michael Jordan!



Here's a few more adorable clips of the baby faced assassin when he was just a little kid.