Steph Curry Got His 2nd Tech Of The Season, Crowd Chants “Ref You Suck” Even though It Was the Right Call

Ref you suck! Ref you suck!

No those weren’t the chants of Dallas fans yelling at referee David Jones for baiting Deron Williams into a technical last night.  Those were the chants of the Golden State fans yelling at John Goble for giving Steph Curry his 2nd technical of the season.

The tech came after Curry ran up to the ref to dispute a blocking foul that sent him to the floor. I’m sure a lot of people will defend (no pun intended) Curry’s defense and reaction, but it looked like a good call to me and most players would also get hit with a tech with a reaction like that…or much less, like Deron Williams last night.


Believe it or not, this is just Steph’s 6th career tech. He had 2 last season, played 3 seasons without earning 1 tech and his tech in 2012 was for hanging on the rim. So how does that measure up to a few other top point guards in the league?

  • Kyle Lowry: 9 (45 career)
  • Isaiah Thomas: 8 (24 career)
  • John Wall: 8 (31 career)
  • Chris Paul: 6 (75 career)
  • Russell Westbrook: 3 (55 career)
  • Steph Curry: 2 (6 career)