Steph Curry Hits 5 From the Logo 3s In A Row During Crazy Pregame Warm-Up Routine

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Steph Curry

This is just mind-boggling. It’s not mind-boggling because Steph Curry hit 5 3-pointers from the half-court logo, it’s mind-boggling because this is just part of his normal pregame warm-up. If most of us, ever hit 5 consecutive shots from that deep within 10 seconds, we would probably be telling our grandkids about it.  Riley Curry would just shrug her shoulders at this story.

Besides taking and making some deep shots, Curry’s routine includes the following.

  • The 2-Ball Drill
  • Hook Shots
  • Left Hand Shots
  • Floaters From the FT Line
  • 15 Makes From 5 Spots
  • Tunnel Shot
  • Signs Autographs