Steph Curry Hits Tough Turnaround Shot Then Low-Fives Pelicans’ Assistant Coach

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Steph Curry had his first 30-point performance in six games on Tuesday in a win against the Pelicans. His most memorable points of the night came on a tough turnaround two-point shot during the Warriors’ 37 point 3rd quarter. Curry said he could hear the Pelicans’ assistant coach saying, “If he makes it, it’s a good shot.” So after he made it, he turned to the Pelicans’ bench and got some dap from the assistant coach, Darren Erman, who happens to be a former assistant coach for the Warriors.

“So I wanted a little praise for that good shot, and he gave it to me,” Curry added. “He was a good sport.”

Warriors fans might remember Erman as the coach the Warriors fired back in 2014 for secretly recording conversations between coaches – when Mark Jackson was head coach – and players. He reportedly even recorded conversations he wasn’t present for by leaving his phone in rooms the meetings took place.


Source: SB Nation