Steph Curry Mocks Klay Thompson With Intentional Missed 360 Dunk & Fall In China

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“I had to do. I had to do it” said a laughing Steph Curry after intentionally falling down on a missed 360 dunk attempt during his Under Armour Asia tour.

The miss and fall was a reference to Klay Thompson’s recent viral 360 dunk FAIL during his very amusing recent sneaker tour in China.

Hopefully, Steph will also put out a video of him doing the “we the champions motherfucker” dance at a club! That’s very unlikely, but Steph and his wife Ayesha, who both appeared on an episode of ‘Ballers’ this past weekend, have been posting some pretty amusing adventures of their own, including Steph doing push-ups on a glass floor in the Beijing landmark CCTV Tower.