Steph Curry Outscores OKC 15-2 in 2 Minutes Of The 3rd With A GIANT KNOT In His Elbow

“The elbow’s fine,” said Curry, who banged his elbow into a metal fixture during a 1st quarter crowd dive in the GM2 massacre of the Thunder. “It looks like it has a tennis ball on top of it.”

Fine? His elbow was more than fine? His elbow was Emily Ratajkowski + Gonzalez Twins + Hannah Davis fine in the 3rd quarter! A quarter with Curry and his tennis ball scoring 28 points, including 15 straight while the Thunder only put up 2.

“Tonight, started off with a nice punch and was able to sustain it over the course of the game,” Curry said. “When I get open shots, obviously the confidence is there to knock them down. It’s been like that since I’ve been back. My body’s catching up, and I think I’m there.”

Here we go again. He “thinks” he’s “there.” Ask Enes Kanter if Curry is back to being the MVP or alien he was all season. Ask Serge Ibaka where Curry is. He knows as well as Curry knew this 3 on Ibaka was going in.

“Business as usual. This is what he does,” Warriors coach Steve Kerr said about Curry.