What Are Those?! Steph Curry Responds To The Internet Roasting Him and His Saint Laurent Boots

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Match maker. ?

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When Steph Curry’s lovely wife, Ayesha, posted a pic of herself with and her hubby on her Instagram account, the last thing she and Steph probably thought would happen was the picture going viral.  The reason why the pic went viral was because of  all of the jokes about the boots Steph was wearing. The roasting of Curry’s Under Armour alternatives were coming in so hard and quickly that  he even temporarily set his Instagram account to private.

The funniest of all the roasters was Cornelius Dixon who had this (not safe for the Riley Curry’s to read) to say.

First off I wanna say my mans wife badder than toddlers wit silver caps on they teeth. Secondly I wanna thank the nigga for bringing waffle colored niggas byke and showing the world Lebron ain’t that dope. Third I wanna say his daughter the coolest kid since Raven SymonĂ© was on the Cosby Show. But I said all that to say this. I can’t let this nigga slide wit them Walker Texas Ranger boots on. Them the boots Mr Krabs sold SpongeBob. I think Pootie Tang wore them hoes. Them the shoes Undercover Brother had on. I’m just waiting on Riley to come out of nowhere and hit her daddy wit a “What are those?!??”

Curry’s account is back up and with a post defending his Saint Laurent boots.

I’ve seen some funny stuff today about the kicks but I love em! The BFFL @_raiiney with @byslr Hooked me up for the Obama x Kanye event yesterday #chealseaboots #imlookingatsomethingimportant