Steph Curry shows off his sick handles to Gary Neal / One 3 pointer away from NBA Record

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If this happened in a streetball game the crowd would of ran onto the floor and Gary Neal would of been thrown out of the game…even if Steph missed the jumpshot.  But we are talking about Steph Curry, the man with arguably the sickest handles and best long distance shot in the league.  I love how you can hear the crescendo of oohs and aahs from the crowd in appreciation of Steph’s handles and by the end of the game the son of the great shooter Del Curry had seven 3 pointers putting him just 1 three pointer away from Ray Allen’s single season record. I’m assuming that record is going down on Wednesday when the Warriors play against the Blazers.

Watching highlights and accomplishments like this just really makes me mad at Steph’s ankles. If those ankles hold up then I think we are looking at one of the premier players in the league for the next decade.  No wonder he has stalkers like this lady.






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