Steph Curry & Warriors Fastbreak Vs Magic Johnson & 80’s Showtime Lakers Fastbreak

Now this is a fastbreak highlight! Curry saves the ball from going out of bounds, makes a fancy behind the back pass to Iggy, which leads to an alley-oop to (a non-dunking) Leandro Barbosa. It was a fastbreak play worthy of being in an 80’s Lakers Showtime montage full of fancy passes from Magic Johnson to any player not named Kurt Rambis, which leads to an extra pass to any other player in purple and gold – including Kurt Rambis.

The Warriors also scored 42 in the opening quarter which was also a common thing for the run and gun Lakers team that was putting up close to 120 a game.

What Steph did against the Rockets that you would never see with any players on the (better – yeah, I said it) 80’s Showtime team, is make 5 of 6 3-pointers in a quarter; Michael Cooper and Byron Scott were the best 3-point shooters on the team and they barely averaged 1 made 3 a game.  But who needs 3s when you have Magic leading a fastbreak with guys like Kareem, Worthy, Green, Coop and Scott…and Rambis?

Now check out this awesome collection of behind the back passes and teamwork from the Lakers in a game against the Sonics during the Showtime era.