Steph Curry Was So Good In GM4 That A Grizzlies Fan Gave Him A High-Five!

I can’t imagine a Lakers fan ever giving Larry Bird a high-five or a Celtics fan ever giving Magic Johnson a high-five but a Grizzlies fan…yeah, why not.  

Steph Curry was back to his MVP self on Monday when he put up 33 points in a big win against the Grizzlies.  He was so good that even a Grizzlies fan had to show him some love and give him a high-five.

Why can’t Dwight Howard get this type of love from fans in other cities.

Dwight Howard threatening me. A video posted by S. Sami (@s_universal) on

Or Joakim Noah.

I repeat Joakim Noah.



Maybe because they aren’t as likable as this MVP.