Steph Curry with the Magic Johnson like assist to David Lee

Magic Johnson coming down the middle, fakes the behind the back pass to Worthy and then throws an over-the-head assist to AC Green, or Kareem, or Scott, or Cooper, or Thompson, or you get the point for the dunk! I miss the Showtime days (yes I was around for them) but watching the Warriors this season is almost the next-best thing especially when Steph Curry is making plays like this fake behind the back pass and over-the-head assist to David Lee.

But the biggest difference between watching Mychal Thompson’s team and his son Klay’s team (besides a group of hall of famers and a front row full of celebs) is the 3-pointers – which the Warriors could have used a few more of  (9-33 from downtown) during last night’s OT loss to the Bulls.

Curry was 2 for 9 from downtown and finished with 21 points, 9 assists and 3 steals while Thompson stayed hot with 30 more points, which gives him a total of 113 over his last 3 games.