Steph Curry Wouldn’t Mind Dropping 50 on Brother Seth Curry

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2015 will probably go down as one of the best year’s of Stephen Curry’s life: NBA records, MVP, Championship, numerous Kids Awards, his kid becoming famous and the birth of another kid. On top of all that, he also got to see his kid brother, Seth, sign a NBA contract with the Kings.  Seth, who has been shining in the D-League for years, also had a pretty good summer which included some standout performances in the summer league (21 2nd half points vs the Warriors) and an impressive Drew League visit (scored 20 of his teams 26 first half points).

On a recent interview with Dan Patrick, Steph was asked about his brother being in the NBA and if “would have any problem lighting him up for 50?”

“Not at all,” replied Steph. “There’s already a group text message going on in our family for the first time what we play each other. I’m already talking trash in the text messages. I think we’re going to win by double-digits.”

“Hope to have a couple 1-on-1 scenarios against him” Curry said. “That would be a dream come true for sure, no matter how it goes.”

Patrick then asked if there would be any issues with Mom and Dad if he broke Seth’s ankles or dropped 50 on him.

“Oh, they’d have the time of their lives, Curry said “If I came down on defense and he popped one in my face from three or whatever, they’d just be having the time of their lives watching their two boys go at it.”

Their first meeting will be on November 7th.


Patrick also asked Steph about being lucky enough to play golf with President Obama and if he would be able to be “brutally honest” evaluating Barack’s jumper if he didn’t like it.

“Oh for sure” Curry said.

Then Patrick asked him about being the best shooter and Curry replied by complimenting Ray Allen and saying hopefully one day he can catch him and take that title. When asked if he really believes that, Curry quickly and honestly said “If me and him were out on the floor right now, I would definitely beat him.”

Source: ESPN