Steph Curry's 157 Game 3-Point Streak Ended During 20 Point Loss To The Lakers!

The last time Steph Curry missed a 3-pointer in a game, Kevin Durant was MVP of the Thunder, the Lakers D'Angelo Russell was in college and Brandon Ingram was a tearing up the high school scene in 2014.

On Friday night against Russell, Ingram and the young Lakers, Curry went 0 for 10 from 3, ending his 157 game streak of making a 3-pointer in a game.

"That was a cool little ride," said Curry. "Would have loved to finish my career making one every game, but hey, start a new one. What was it, like two years? Kind of weird not to make one, but I will keep shooting."

The donut also ended two other NBA record set by Curry: most games with a 3 including preseason (196) and most straight 3s in regular season road games (116).

More shocking than seeing Curry not make a 3 was watching the Warriors take a 20-point beatdown by the Lakers after taking one last season.

"It's our annual beatdown at Staples by the Lakers," Kerr said. "They do this every year. Let's just give them credit. They came in sky-high with a ton of energy, played really well, and we were flat, right from the beginning."