Steph Curry’s Response To Kanye Saying He’s The “Jordan and Steph Curry of Music”

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Funny, weird and honored were the 3 keywords Steph Curry used to describe Kanye’s crazy (but nowhere near as crazy as his craziest) tweet saying he was the “Jordan and Steph Curry of music, meaning i’m the best of 2 generations.”

“I’ve seen a lot of his (Kanye’s) crazy outlandish tweets, especially in the past month, and then when I saw my name cross through his fingertips, that was kind of funny and honoring at the same time. But then also very weird that he put me in the same conversation as Michael and Kanye.”

What makes that tweet even crazier than his reported behavior behind the scenes of his recent SNL performance, him saying he made Taylor Swift famous, or saying his new album – only available on the bleeding money Tidal service – ‘The Life of Pablo,’ is his best, is Kanye’s most celebrated work came between Jordan and Curry’s “time.”

When MJ was winning championships, Kanye only had ‘Harlem World’ to brag about and I don’t think bragging about Mase’s entourage is going to impress anybody. By the time ‘College Dropout’ came out in 2004, MJ was retired. Late Registration, Graduation, 808, Twisted Fantasy and even the very mixed reviewed Yeezuz came out before Steph Curry even made an All-Star team – although Steph was a milk carton in 2013.

One great thing did come from that tweet: this Bleacher Report image, which Steph also enjoyed.

“Someone did a graphic of me in my jersey and Jordan, they dubbed him guarding me, and Kanye’s face was on both of us. That’s my favorite meme of all time — or so far to-date. I’m gonna have to get that blown up on my wall or something.”