Stephen A. Smith Reacts To James Harden's No-Show In GM6: "He Looked Like He Was Drugged"

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Moses Malone Jr. James Harden

As a resident of H-Town, I've heard every excuse and crazy theory on what led to the disappearing act of MVP candidate James Harden, in the Spurs 39-point beatdown on the Rockets in Game 6. Ankle injury from last month? Hip injury from Game 2? Concussion from Game 5? A freaking cold?

Harden continues to say he's "fine" but putting up 10 points on 2-of-11 shooting with seven assists, six turnovers and six fouls in a 39-point loss, after playing an awful fourth quarter and OT in the previous game, almost warrants an investigation. Did he lose a bet and think he was supposed to shave points instead of his beard? Did Lil B and Moses Malone Jr team up and find a way to screw him? Did a rejected stripper at V-Live put something in his drink? I'm willing to entertain anything right now because I've never seen a player as talented as Harden, have an amazing season and then end it in such an epic fail of a way.  This game was even more mind-boggling than his final playoff game in 2015, when he put up 14 points on 2-of-11 shooting with 12 turnovers and five assists.

Anyways, while I head to breakfast with some angry locals, you can watch a confused Stephen A. Smith go off on the Harden impersonator that suited up for the Rockets on Thursday.