Stephen A. Smith & Reggie Miller Explain Why “All-Star Weekend Stinks”

Here’s Stephen A. Smith explaining why NBA All-Star weekend “stinks” and proposing some major changes to make the event more competitive for the players and watchable for the fans.

If you ask most people what were the highlights of this past All-Star weekend they will probably mention a few of these:

  • Kyrie Irving saying the Earth is flat
  • 14-year old Jarrius Robertson conducting interviews and making a shot in the celeb game.
  • Steph Curry missing 9 straight shots after an awesome tribute to Craig Sager
  • Watching Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook avoid each other
  • The DeMarcus Cousins trade

None of these things involved the NBA All-Stars doing things in the major All-Star events. The average fan probably already forgot who won the events on Saturday night and Sunday’s All-Star “game” was basically just a dunk exhibition and excuse to break a bunch of All-Star records.

“I understand it’s a glorified exhibition game,” Said former 5 x All-Star Reggie Miller on Monday’s The Dan Patrick Show. “The game means nothing, the fans want to be entertained, but there’s got to be at some point some type of competition between the best players in the world. And last night, it was almost a joke. It was comical. And [the broadcast] highlighted that. We showed, obviously, the great dunks and passes. You get that, but usually, come fourth quarter in a close game, which this was, the guys usually say, ‘Okay, let’s go for it now. Let’s get after it.’ And that didn’t happen, and that’s disappointing, and it’s been like that for the last three years.”

So who is to blame for this?

“That’s what we saw last night was a video game,” Miller said. “It’s all scoring and there’s no defense. So yes, the younger generation, the millennials [say], ‘Oh, that was a fantastic All-Star Game. Guys of our generation, we’re like, ‘This is a joke, this is an absolute joke and mockery of the game.’”