Stephen Curry 33pts 10asts & game winner against the Mavs

Monta Ellis had the opportunity to sink his old team but it was his ex backcourt teammate Stephen Curry who was able to celebrate the game winner in last night's match-up.  Curry outscored Ellis by 12 points and finished the game with 33 points, 10 assists and a 19 footer over Shawn Marion with 1.5 seconds left.

We wanted to make sure we dwindled the clock down. Steph did a great job of recognizing, not panicking, and then he did what big-time players do - he made a big-time shot."
Mark Jackson

Like the previous game against the Raptors (27 down), the Warriors once again had to comeback from a big deficit (18) in the second half and Curry's 16 4th quarter point lead the way.

Dallas Mavericks v Golden State Warriors


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