Stephen Curry Hits 6 More Crazy 3s in GM5, Becomes Fastest Player to Reach 100 3s in Playoff History

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Steph Curry

Stephen Curry added 6 more 3-pointers to his playoff stats in Game 5 which allowed him to another milestone to his fantasy season: fastest ever to reach 100 3-pointers in the playoffs.

It all sounds impressive now but when people look back at Steph Curry’s current season a few years from now and read MVP, NBA record for 3s in a season, 3-Pt Contest Champion, a viral video where he makes 77 3s in a row, fastest ever to reach 100 3s in the playoffs and Finals MVP(??), that’s when they will fully appreciate how great of a season Curry had.  Unless he somehow tops it which is very possible especially if Curry doesn’t win a championship this season.