Stephen Curry interrupts a funeral, breaks an ankle & kills the Rockets with 34 points & 10 rebounds!

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Steph Curry Steve Kerr

“At halftime, it felt like a funeral in here,” Curry said. “Guys were down and we couldn’t figure out why we couldn’t establish a rhythm.”

Being down by 8 points to the Rockets doesn’t sound like something worthy enough of acting like somebody died but the unbeaten Warriors weren’t used to the feeling of loss so far this season. So Steph came alive and killed the Rockets in the 2nd half with 23 of his 34 points to help the Warriors stay perfect.

“We have this guy named Steph Curry. He’s pretty good.” said Coach Kerr after the game.







ONE LAST BONUS VIDEO: I couldn’t help but think about this video when Curry said it felt like a funeral at half-time.  The way the Warriors are playing, i’m assuming the guys are getting used to yelling “slap ass!”