Stephen Curry Puts On A Show For 3 Quarters Vs the Hawks

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Steph Curry Leandro Barbosa

Stephen Curry only made 4 field goals against the Hawks on Wednesday night but for some reason it felt like he had much more. Maybe that’s because his makes are so memorable and even some of his misses are so exciting that they feel like made shots. Throw in the fancy assists, the electrified crowd and standing bench and you would have sworn that the MVP candidate just blew up for 40.

What the Chef did do in 3 quarters of action was score 16 points which included one of his trademark turn around and run before a 3-pointer drops but what made this one so special was the fact that he was fouled on the 3.

He also had a game-high 12 assists which included this impressive behind the back pass to Barbosa who thankfully didn’t screw up the highlight by missing the wide-open 3.