Stephen Curry will wear lemonade flavored mouthguards in the NBA

Players in this post:
Jared Dudley Stephen Curry Michael Redd

With rumors of Nascar & WNBA like ad endorsed jerseys in the future for NBA jerseys which will now have nicknames on the back for some teams, MoGoSport has found another way to advertise on an athlete - in their mouth to be specific.  MoGoSports has developed flavored mouthguards and recently struck a deal with Stephen Curry to wear a lemonade flavored mouthguard during the the NBA season. Lemonade is also the flavor preference for NHL player Evgemo Malkin while the NFL's Colin Kaepernick prefers fruit punch.

Curry isn't the first NBA player and great shooter to endorse a mouth guard. Michael Redd (and Jared Dudley) had a deal with PPM Mouth Guards a few years ago





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