Stephen Jackson Not trying to make friends interview on the radio – Power 105.1

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Juwan Howard

In the past two months i’ve seen more Stephen Jackson videos on the internet then in the previous 10 years.  From coaching to eating ribs in slow motion to multiple rap videos to working out in the gym (something he supposedly doesn’t do in the Summer) with TJ Ford to showing off his alligator sneakers, Captain Jack is trying real hard to go viral and with his interview on Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club I think he just might do it.

Stak5 went on to talk about why he doesn’t play basketball in the summer, wouldn’t be willing to punch a fan for Metta World Peace again, why you better not mess with him at a strip club and why he’s a better rapper than all those “wack” NBA players that try to rap.

I think Ballislife needs to settle this rap battle.  I’m not trying to be Vibe Magazine and start a East vs West coast battle but I want to see a lot of these players, Jackson, Shumpert, Nate, BDiddy, Moon, Big Baby, Marion, Josh Smith and even Boozer and Juwan Howard battle on wax!  I don’t mean soft battle either like Cool J vs Moe Dee.  I want Ether battles like Common vs Ice Cube or Canibus vs LL .  While we are at it I want Shaq and Webber to come out of retirement.  Iverson to make a comeback and Kobe can finally get a chance to release some music that wont be shelved by a label – hopefully he doesn’t get booed on stage this time.

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