Steve Ballmer & Blake Griffin Reveal The New Clippers Logo in Funny or Die Video | History of the Clippers’ Logo

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Blake Griffin

The very crazy and crazy rich Clippers owner Steve Ballmer was on Conan last night to reveal the new and very simple looking Clippers logo.

Soon after, the website Funny or Die released a video showing how the rebranded ¬†logo was conceived. ¬†Supposedly Blake Griffin wasn’t feeling the rip-off logos Ballmer originally had in mind so he showed off his art skills and created the logo Ballmer so proudly unveiled on Conan.

Unfortunately, most of the internet isn’t as thrilled as Ballmer about the new look.


At least it looks a lot better than the original franchise logo from 1971.


Or when they first became the Clippers in 1979.


They didn’t incorporate the design most people relate to the Clippers until 1983.


2 years later is when they became the LA Clippers.