Steve Francis – “Finer Things” Rap Video

I know your initial reaction to this video is to go off on it because it’s Steve Francis, it sounds like it’s from the 90s, looks like it’s from the 90s and it’s another basketball player thinking he can rap.

I’m not saying this because Steve Francis is one of my favorite ballers ever or because I also live in H-Town or because I’ll take almost any rapper from the mid 90s over 95% of the rappers in the past decade or because I like Hype Williams videos or because I think Shaq’s second and third albums were decent and I also bought B-Balls Best Kept Secret, but, I actually enjoyed this video and hope Stevie Franchise and Mazerati Music enjoy some success with it

With that said, I’m now going to spend the next hour or so on youtube watching vids of unappreciated 90s rappers like OC, Master Ace, Mic Geronimo, Black Moon, Main Source, Nine and even Kwame and his f****n polka dots. I’m then going to spend an hour watching the finer highlights of one of the most exciting point guards — if social media was around during Francis’ early years in Houston, he would be a daily trending topic — to ever play in the NBA. Here are a few of my favorite videos of the former three-time All-Star and Rookie of the Year.







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