Steve Nash passes Magic Johnson for 4th all-time in Assists

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On an emotional night where the Lakers started the game off with a tribute to Dr Jerry Buss, we also honored Magic Johnson when Steve Nash tied and passed him up for 4th all-time in assists.  It seems opinions are mixed about seeing Steve Nash tie and pass Magic with passes to Dwight Howard and Jamison since the addition of the trio has so far done nothing but give the franchise it’s arguably worst half season in franchise history.  Others think it’s cool seeing the overachieving two time MVP pass Magic while wearing purple and gold.

Nash (10,142 assists) has a chance at catching Mark Jackson (10,344)  at the #3 spot but it’s unlikely he will catch the still active Jason Kidd (12,006) and there’s no chance that anybody will ever come close to John Stockton’s record of 15,806 assists.

Also worth noting is Nash played in 280 more games than Magic Johnson.


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