Steve Nash requesting Nas on Canadian Rap City TV show in 1994

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Steve Nash

19 years ago, in the middle of the golden age of hip-hop, and when David Stern had hip-hop banned from the dunk contest, we had the debut albums from Nas, Biggie, Outkast and Bone come out in the same year, along with impressive drops from Common, Organized Konfusion, Redman, Scarface, Method Man, The Roots, Beastie Boys and Gang Starr!  With so many classics cuts that year, it was tough to pick a favorite, but when a young and unknown Steve Nash appeared on Canada’s version of BET’s Rap City in 1994, he made a wise pick with Nas’ “It Aint Hard to Tell”

If you are also a fan of the song and haven’t heard the original demo version titled “Nas will Prevail” by the teenage phenom and produced by Large Professor, then enjoy the clip below.  It’s rough but many, myself included, prefer it over the more polished gem from Nas’ Citizen Kane album Illmatic.

The original

Demo Version

Back to Nash, he’s come a long way from his unknown days requesting Nas to his post MVP days getting a lapdance from Nicki Minaj

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