Steve Nash returns early and makes OT game winner against the Warriors / Kobe takes 41 shots

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The Lakers received a couple Christmas presents courtesy of Steve Nash who has missed the last 24 games with a fractured bone in his leg.

With an original target deadline of Christmas to make his return, Nash came back a few days early against the Warriors and played like the missing piece Lakers fans are praying he is.  Aside from passing out 9 assists, he hit both of his 3 point shots and 5 of 8 shots total.  1 of those 5 turned out to be the game winner in OT.

Kobe scored a game high 34 and many of his points came off assists from Nash but what Kobe will be asking Santa for as an early gift is a bag of ice to ice that elbow of his that took 41 (!) shots.  Surprisingly he only attempted 1 free throw.  If you are wondering where does 41 rank in NBA history it ranks at #16 tied with Kobe Bryant who previously tied Kobe Bryant.   Kobe actually has 8 of the top 15 (5 of the top 7) slots on the most field goals attempted in a game chart.  Believe it or not, his 81 point game that required 46 shots ranks behind two 47 shot games where he scored 41 and 51.

Michael Jordan has the record for most field goal attempts with 49 in a game where he scored 64 points.  Chris Webber is tied with Kobe at #2 with 47 shots but Webber was able to get an offensive rebound and score off a lot of those misses and finished the game with 51 points and 26 rebounds.


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