Steve Nash to the Lakers | Kobe dunks on Nash

What's real frustrating is when you chase rumors and start making all these speculations on how the players/teams involved will do and that out of nowhere you get hit with a curveball that squashes all those rumors and let's you know something you just weren't expecting.  That's how most people felt, especially Knicks and Raptors fans, when they heard Steve Nash was going to the Lakers in a sign and trade deal that will pay the most interesting 38 year old man in the NBA $28 million.

Nash will be joining his fellow who-would-of-thought-they-would-be-so-successful 1996 draft pick Kobe Bryant.  Kobe was the 13th pick out of high school that had to play 2nd, 3rd and sometimes 4th fiddle on the Lakers for a few years and Steve Nash was booed as the 15th pick of the Suns where he would learn from Kevin Johnson, Sam Cassell and Jason Kidd.  Nash didn't have a breakout season until his 3rd with the Dallas Mavs in 2000.

Both would prove to be two of the best guards over the next 10 years and surprisingly Nash (2005-2006) has 1 more MVP than Kobe (2008) and more interesting is a lot of people thought none of those 3 MVPs were given to the right person for those specific years.

As both of them enter the 2012-2013 season in their bucket list years, i'm hoping Nash in LA does get to cross off 1 more item on his bucket list.

Atleast Nash doesn't have to worry about this ever happening again

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