Steve Nash was informed by the NBA that he’s now the oldest player in the league

With Kidd and Hill retiring this summer and 40 year old Juwan Howard being hired as an assistant coach for Erik Spelstra in Miami, 39 year old Steve Nash becomes the oldest player in the league.  Nash was probably aware that he was one of the oldest but it wasn’t until the NBA notified him of this “accomplishment” that he knew for sure.

“It’s not a privilege I ever really dreamed about,” said the 39 year old Nash at media day. “It’s pretty strange and I guess surreal in a way.”

What amazes me about this fact is that Kidd, Hill and Howard were all from the 1994 draft and Nash is from the 96 draft with Kobe, Camby (less than a month younger than Nash) and Ray Allen, meaning no player drafted between the two drafts are still around.

At media day, Nash also talked about being healthy and recovered from his leg injury and his desire to keep playing.

“Obviously, I think people think I’m on the downswing and that I’m receding into retirement in front of our eyes,” Nash said. “So I’ve got a lot to prove.”

“I was never quite myself. I also had a different role. I didn’t have the ball as much. I shot a similar percentage and I think the numbers per opportunity were probably similar, but I also admit I didn’t quite feel like myself and there was a transition there not only through the physical ailments but also trying to find a role on this team.”

Source: LA Times

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