Steven Adams Playing With A Migraine Headache & Dunking All Over The Spurs

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Steven Adams

I’ll look at you and your face will disappear?

That’s what Steven Adams had to say about his migraines and according to Adams, he had a migraine before helping the Thunder make Duncan and the Spurs disappear in game 6. The OKC big man racked up another double double with 15 and 11 on 6 of 7 shooting. A couple of those 6 made shots were dunk of the night nominees, including 1 by Duncan in what may end up being his final game.

I don’t want to see Duncan retire for numerous reasons but the thought of his last game being a disappointing loss with images of Steve Adams throwing down rebound dunks over him gives me a headache. No disrespect to the stache but the greatest power forward ever deserves a better exit than this.