Steven Adams Tried To Pull A Bogut & Celebrate A 3 By KD Early...But KD Missed!

Remember last week when a clip of Andrew Bogut celebrating a 3 by Steph Curry before Steph even shot it went viral? On Monday night, Steven Adams tried to play the role of Bogut by passing the ball to Kevin Durant and then running back on defense before the shot swished through the net....but KD missed the shot.

Thankfully for Adams, it wasn't a big deal because the Thunder still had a 24 point lead near the end of the first half after outscoring the Blazers 35-20 in the 2nd quarter. And it would be unfair of me to just pick on Adams because the whole OKC bench was prematurely celebrating the shot.

The Thunder would go on to win 128-94, despite a 6 of 15 (1 of 5 from 3) night from KD.