Stephen Jackson Chokes Out Steve Francis Inside A Night Club?

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We all know from past encounters and interviews that Stephen Jackson is really about that life. Check out this bizarre footage of him and former NBA star Steve Francis getting into a physical altercation inside a local night club. Apparently the two had a verbal disagreement and it resulted in Steve Francis getting choked out.

If you want to watch the entire “Queens of the Club” episode with Jhonni Blaze & Htown Ciara then enjoy the following and YES this is Houston and the type of night life that Slim Thug was talking about when he was recruiting Dwight Howard.

Everybody knows that trying to take some shine away from the MC with the mic on stage is a big no no.  It’s even a bigger no no when the guy on the mic is Stak5 better known to NBA fans as Stephen Jackson who has a pretty bad rap (no pun intended) because of the Malice At the Palace and a few off the court incidents including a shootout at a Indiana strip club back in 2006.

Proudly showing he’s from Port Arthur and living in Houston trying to get a final roster spot with the Rockets, Jackson was trying to put on a performance at the Houston club Club Roxy but him and his entourage didn’t seem to appreciate Steve Francis doing his best 90’s Puff Daddy impersonation.  Arguments ensued and then Stephen Jackson did his best Dhalism impersonation and reached across a crowd to choke the Franchise. If that wasn’t enough to kill Francis’ buzz he was then grabbed by the police that gave him an earful before putting the cuffs on him (something I didn’t see too many NBA defenders do).

Jackson’s actions in the Piston’s brawl cost him $1.7 million after getting laid off for 30 games but since Jackson isn’t on a team…yet, he doesn’t have to worry about a phone call from David Stern…yet.

I’m assuming many of the readers of this site will prefer the Clubs on Westheimer.


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