Stop trying to take a charge! Tyus Jones posterizes defender

Players in this post:
Tyus Jones Shane Battier

Attention all high school ballers, unless you know you are going to play college ball, please don’t try to take a charge when a high flyer is going for a dunk.  You don’t want people to ask you one day if you ever played ball and when you respond yes, they go online and search for you and find a clip of some guy hitting you with a knee and then you hitting the floor as the offensive player hangs on the rim after scoring over you.

Please, for the sake of your kids and grand kids, unless you are the next Shane Battier, don’t try to take the charge.   It’s high school and if it’s also the end of the line for your basketball career then go for the block or get out of the way.  The guy on the floor doesn’t walk away with the girl at the end but the guy who scored usually does.

Also please don’t take this joke of a post seriously and tell your coach that Ballislife told you not to take the charge.  I’m just warning you, if you do try to take a charge and get dunked on by a guy like Tyus Jones then expect to see yourself on


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