Stories of the Year: LobCity, Rubio, Linsanity, Best Dunks Ever…Lockout forgiven!

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Kendrick Perkins

If I could write song lyrics I would rewrite Billy Joel’s “We Didn’t Start the Fire” and just mention all of the amazing stories that have come out of this shortened NBA season. Here’s a just a few of my favorites.

  • NOLA for Chris Paul – David Stern shutting down the Laker trade and ends up with Eric Gordon who will probably miss the rest of the season
  • LobCity – Chris Paul eventually teams up with DJ & Blake and the Clippers become the most exciting team in the NBA
  • Spanish Steve Nash – or Italian Steve Nash if you ask Shaq.  Ricky Rubio proves a few million people wrong by coming to the NBA and becoming one of the top players in steals and assists.
  • Mo Money Mo Problems – from Kobe’s expensive divorce to Kris Humphries celebrity wedding to Iverson going through $150+ million
  • Kobe Milestones – The Kobe Success System works just ask the client and president who is also the Laker’s all-time scoring leader
  • Dunks of the Year..Decade – It all stated with LeBron jumping over John Lucas then Blake Griffin does the unthinkable to Kendrick Perkins.  This dunkademic spread to high school and college where we have seen some of the best dunks in both from HS’s Gabe York to College’s Kwame Alexander & in the next few days we are going to show you a dunk by Kenny Dobbs aka The Dunk Inventor that he’s going to try at the Sprite Slam Dunk Showdown that has never been done and is arguably the most difficult contest dunk ever done.
  • Linsanity – what can be said about the Linsane Lin and his linning ways – just one lincredible story for the liNBA

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