Story Time with Jalen Rose: Kobe scores 81

If Michael Jordan is the original then Kobe Bryant is the reemix baby

That’s the first great line in Jalen’s latest bedtime story for sports fanatics courtesy of the people at GrantLand.  This story, based on the night Kobe scored 81 points, combines his favorite topics – Vince, how much he dislikes Sam Mitchell, Kobe & ways of stopping Kobe.  I say “based” because he called the Raptors a playoff hopeful team and he messed with time a little bit by making the Vince Carter trade take place a lot later than it did.

It’s not as funny as the last story about Vince Carter getting into a fight with Coach Sam Mitchell without his momma being around or as controversial as his first story about Kobe and how he tried to injure him but it’s worth watching.

If you don’t need visuals to enjoy Jalen, you can check out his latest Podcast where he talks about how NBA players spend their off-season and talks about one of my favorite topics – how millionaire athletes go broke.  I have a lot of these stories and even thought about writing a book about it….under the pseudonym Richard Bachman II.  Who doesn’t want to read about how Michael Vick went through $29.6 million in 4 years or why Antoine Walker is sharing an $915/mo apartment after making over $110 million.

[youtube id=”FeXZY4eVLlo” width=”600″ height=”350″]

[youtube id=”zrHG1pIo_Wo” width=”600″ height=”350″]

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