Streetball is Back! 2012 Ballup Summer Tour Kicks Off Against Tyreke Evan’s Team

Streetball is back! Yes there’s been games here and there across the globe featuring some of the streetball players & legends you might remember from the And1 heyday & ESPN Streetball TV Show but Streetball isn’t officially back until the Ballup Team is officially back on the scene and after a short break since the last episode of the Ballup TV Show on FoxSports, the team is back on the scene.

All the premier Streetballers from ball handlers Professor, Sik Wit It, AO, Pat The Roc & Bone Collector to high flyers Springs, Mr Afrika, Special FX & Air UP There to the 1 man defensive machine named Violator are back for season 2 and ready to take on the teams lead by NBA players and legends. Last year Ballup took on the teams of Rick Fox, Lammond Murry, Bryon Russell, Matt Barnes, Jordan Farmar, Dennis Rodman and the Streetball/ABA/NBA legend Julius “Dr J” Erving!

This year the 2012 tour starts off this Friday (June 29) at CSU Dominguez Hills in Carson California against NBA franchise player Tyreke Evan’s team. You can expect to be reminded of what makes Streetball so great and not only an alternative to NBA basketball action but to some a more exciting version of basketball entertainment with trick shots, no look passes, crossovers & dunks that you will rarely ever see in a NBA game. Don’t believe me and need more proof? Watch the highlights from the first game of last season’s Ballup tour below.

[youtube id=”IwLHBUk5rO8″ width=”600″ height=”350″]

Need I say more?  Check the schedule below to see when Ballup is coming to your city and get your tickets now!


[youtube id=”RJkHQcznHP4″ width=”600″ height=”350″]

Taurian Fontenette aka Air Up There aka Mr 720 has never played an NBA game and rarely does dunk contest but is often considered the Greatest Dunker Ever…even by NBA players!  His 720 dunk in a game was a landmark moment in flight history and for the past 7 years we have not seen any other player/dunker accomplish this.  He perfected the 360 between the legs dunk and made Drake and LeBron James run out of the building when he won the 2010 Sprite Showdown contest.  His attempts at the “Double between the legs” is also the closest we have on record and many believe he’s probably the only person that could pull it off if it’s possible.

You might not see the double between the legs dunk in a future Ballup game but you can expect to see plenty of dunk contest worthy winning dunks and players getting dunked on by Air Up There in the next couple of months.  Stay tuned on Ballislife for all the highlights.


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