Streetball Legend Bone Collector vs Karl-Anthony Towns at Venice Beach

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Karl-Anthony Towns

Not many, if any, streetball players from the And1 era have earned as much respect from NBA players as Larry Williams aka The Bone Collector aka The Most Dangerous Streetball Player In The World. The legend made a name for himself back around 2002 when he was winning MVP awards at Rucker Park and infamously said, "he was smart" when told Allen Iverson reportedly declined a 1-on-1 challenge.

Flash-forward 14 years and about 100 ankles on the And1 and Ballup tour and BC is still willing to go 1-on-1 with anyone - even unanimous rookie of the year and future of the league Karl-Anthony Towns. Back in May, Towns visited the famous courts of Venice Beach for the first time, played a couple of pick-up games, shot a Gatorade commercial and had some fun going 1-on-1 with the ankle breaking specialist.