SWAT team sent to Lamar Odom’s home after prank call saying Odom was shot

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Lamar Odom Earvin Johnson


Last week, some idiot prank called the police and had the LAPD sent to Magic Johnson’s home.  This time Lamar Odom and Khloe Kardashian were the victims of the prank call that resulted in a SWAT team, with guns out and helicopters above, being sent to their home.

The 911 dispatch received a call claiming Odom and a friend got into an argument and then the friend shot Odom.

I like pranks as much person to old to be liking pranks but this is just some sick and dangerous immaturity.

The only time I want to hear the words “swat” and “Odom” in the same sentence is when somebody is swatting a weak shot taken by Odom

Source: Rolling Out

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