Sway interviews Allen Iverson & talks about retirement, crossing over Jordan and who is hip hop’s Kobe

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In a recent interview with the always temperamental Kanye West (who is engaged to a Hobbit), Sway almost lost his cool as Kanye kept yelling “Sway, you aint got the answer” on his radio show.

Well, Sway does have the Answer in the form of Allen Iverson in this much calmer get along interview that took place at the Barclay’s Center.  Unlike Mr West (i’m not calling him Jeezus), Iverson has a lot of respect for Sway due to his hip hop background and openly talked about everything from how difficult it is to be retired from the game he loves to wanting to be a father to his children to the impact of his Reebok shoes to crossing over Michael Jordan.

He was also asked who he thought was the Kobe of the game and he said it would have to be a successful rapper that has been doing it for a long time and he picked Jay-Z.  Although Jay has had a longer career near the top than any other rapper I would have to go with Nas because Nasty Nas was an instant hit as a teenager where as Jay-Z  was a late bloomer that is the same age as “old school” legends like Rakim and has found ways of increasing his mainstream success over the years.  Despite some disappointing bumps in the middle of his career, Nas is still putting out critically acclaimed work and Kobe has had his share of disappointing bumps (Shaq, Colorado, almost leaving for the Clippers) but he’s still here, breaking records with a few great songs left in him.



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