Swizz Beatz Interviews Shaquille O’Neal About The Re-release Of His Reebok Sneakers!

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Shaquille O’Neal

After almost 2 decades Reebok and Shaq has finally reunited. The new Reebok Classic collection has been making a buzz in the shoe world. Earlier this year Reebok Released their series of Kamikaze’s. Im sure you can expect more colorways in the 2013 for the retro Kamikaze’s. Shaq was one of the first big Athletes to sign with Reebok. As a result the Two beat out Nike for the Number one shoe brand back in 1991. Now the two are trying to rekindle their victory flame by re releasing the Shaqnosis and the Pump’s. Reebok is Also working with Swizz Beats and one of hip hops young trend setters Tyga to enhance their brand in the Urban Market.



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