2 video versions of Taj Gibson’s OT game winner: Sad Kobe & Happy Bulls

Players in this post:
Nick Young Kobe Bryant Taj Gibson

“I was looking at the backboard hoping it would go red before it left his hand.”
– Nick Young on the game’s last play

It did leave Taj Gibson’s hands before the red light came on and he didn’t even need .9 seconds to make the game winning layup against the Lakers in OT.  According to the clock, he only needed .6 seconds to make the wide open layup.  In real time, it’s unlikely you can catch and shoot like this in half a second but in NBA time, it’s possible, it happened and the Bulls won.

If you just want to watch and celebrate the play with the Bulls then watch the 1 minute clip above from the NBA YouTube channel. But if you enjoy seeing Kobe and the Lakers suffering then you might prefer the 1 minute clip below that includes lots of sad Laker faces.






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