Team USA Crushes Brazil by 33 points in Basketball Exhibition Game

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LeBron James NenĂª

The US team crushed Brazil by 33 points last night and looked great on the floor.  Congrats Women, now for the men it was a little different story.  With Obama and the first lady in the crowd and every blogger blogging blah blah blah about the Dream Team & the current team repping the US you would think the US team would of done the same against Leonardo, Nene and crew but it was the quite the opposite.  The Brazil team came out strong and took a 10 point lead against the sluggish looking USA Team that turned it around in the 2nd quarter by holding Brazil to just 5 points.  USA ended up winning by 11 behind LeBron's 30 points in front of the President.

"You have dreams about being in the NBA. You have dreams about making the game-winning shot at the buzzer. You never have dreams about having the president actually watching you play, because you don't think it's possible," he said. "It's definitely humbling, to see him here, the first lady and their kids here to watch us play. Really, it's amazing."

Before the game Obama (like anybody over 30) selected the Dream Team over the 2012 USA Team in the tiresome debate and i'm pretty sure after the 80-69 victory the US pulled out he's even more confident in his answer.

But the US team will be fine. They should win all of their games. They should win the gold. They just don't need to be mentioned in the same sentence as Dream Team until they can atleast dominate like Dream 2 or 3.

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