Team USA crushes Serbia by 37 behind 26 by Kyrie Irving | Harden doesn’t play D & Rose doesn’t Dance


Team USA won their 63rd straight game – 45 in FIBA events – after beating Serbia 129-92 and winning Gold on Sunday.

The game was close in the opening minutes but after a 15-7 lead by Serbia, the US team went on a 60-22 run and never looked back.

Tournament MVP Kyrie Irving was the star of the show with 26 points and 6 3-pointers and James Harden contributed 23 points (and one funny moment on D) for the Americans who hit 11 of 16 3-pointers in the first half.

Although the MVP went to superstar Irving, a big case could be made for the big men being the star of the tournament.  DeMarcus Cousins played great yesterday and Anthony Davis and the very vocal Kenneth Faried were great through the whole tournament.

Faried’s athleticism and power game again showed that the USA doesn’t need to send a bunch of All-Stars that play the same position and have big shoe deals to win.  They need to send the best components of a team that other countries can’t match up well with.  Yes, the USA team probably would have won by a bigger margin than 32 a game if they had LeBron, Durant, Blake Griffin and Love but this team dominated well enough.

“It kind of was, again, a smack to our face, saying the U.S. was sending the B-team to go play in the World Cup,” forward Kenneth Faried said. “Just because LeBron’s not here, Kobe’s not here, Durant’s not here, doesn’t mean anything. We can step up and win the gold too. That’s what we did tonight.”

They did win gold and they celebrated with some dancing…well except for Derrick Rose who is known for not dancing at All-Star games and basketball events.

So in honor of Rose not dancing, I’ll show this dancing freak who isn’t Rose but called Derrick Rose dancing.

It will be interesting to see how this team is remembered. They played great but they were the youngest team the US has sent out since they started sending NBA players and star struck fans might end up looking at this team the same way they look back at Dream Team 2, who in my opinion as well as Nique, Shaq, Steve Smith and Reggie Miller could play with and possibly beat the original Dream Team.  Like DT2, this “B-group” did their share of celebrating on the court after dunks and 3-pointers and had a few near international incidents which included players with bad reps in the league like DeMarcus Cousins and like DT2, this team dominated and won the gold and that’s all that should really matter.

“I think the results were dominant, but we had spurts of dominance in a lot of games,” U.S. coach Mike Krzyzewski said. “And we had tough games and then all of a sudden we’d have a spurt and it looked like we dominated. Tonight we had like about a 35-minute spurt.”

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