VIDEO: Team USA Sets a Bunch of Olympic Records while Crushing Nigeria | Melo hits Ten 3-pointers


Team USA’s 83-point blowout of Nigeria could have been one long commercial for the video game NBA Jam: On Fire Edition. The only thing missing was a ball of fire coming from Melo’s hands and bigger & funnier heads on everybody but Anthony Davis. The only people that probably enjoyed the game more than the average American basketball fan were statisticians that had a fun time number crunching and researching records that were being broken by the minute.

  • Olympic record – 71.1 field goal percentage  James Harden, who also almost suffered an ankle injury after getting crossed, was the only US player to shoot under 50%. Iggy & Davis both shot 100% and Westbrook & Deron Williams both only missed 1 shot.
  • Olympic record – 29 3-pointers on 63% Surprisingly LeBron was 1 of the 3 players that did not make a 3. Chandler & Davis were the other two.
  • Olympic record – 83-point victory:  The previous US record was 79 when the they beat Cuba 136-57.  The US scored 49 in the 1st quarter and lead by 24.
  • Olympic record – 156 total points: This broke Brazil’s record of 138 points against Egypt. The record was broke with 4:37 left in the game.
  • Team USA record – 37 points from Carmelo Anthony:  This is something you won’t see in the NBA. Melo scoring 37 points on only 16 shot attempts! He broke the record of 31 previously held by Stephon Marbury against Spain in 2004.
  • Olympic record – Melo hits 10 3-pointers:  5 came in the first half and then 5 came during a 2 minute stretch in the 3rd quarter.  Ironically, he missed the one 3-point attempt he thought was going in and prematurely celebrated.

“It’s a great accomplishment to get that record, We did it in a very highly classy way. We went out there and we played basketball. We made shots. We make shots like that and play the way we played tonight, that record could have come on any team.” – Melo

On the bright side for Nigeria, ex NBA player Ike Diogu did score 27 points and pulled down seven boards and maybe the best single highlight of the game was the player that crossed over Harden.

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