Tennessee's Jordan McRae gets a tech for screaming after a nasty dunk

I can't even express how much I hate when refs call techs on players for celebrating after a dunk.  Walking over a player like Pippen on Ewing or pointing at a player on the ground like Kemp did Alton Listor is worthy enough for the "taunting tech" but a 1 second celebration in the form of a scream does not deserve the whistle.

Jordan McRae was the latest victim of a ref overreacting after a dunk during Tennessee's game against Wichita State.  What should have been a momentum builder for his team just turned into a reward for Wichita who ended up winning the game by 9.  McRae did have a game high 26 points which is just 9 points less than all of his teammates combined.

I've heard quite a few people in the past claim College refs only target black players in situations like this but that's not one bit true because here's a clip of a ref calling "taunting" on Duke's Mason Plumlee and you can't get any whiter than Mason Plumlee playing for the Dukies.

If you want to see an example of a guy taunting a defender after a dunk then let Isaiah Briscoe show you.




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